API Status Dashboard with Pingdom

Pingdom is a Software as a Service(SaaS) that provides website monitoring and up-time reporting.

Recently they started offering public report pages. These reports or status pages allows you to make some or all of your monitoring results public, promoting transparency with your users.

These status pages can easily be converted to deliver an API status page for your developer community. Pingdom provides HTTP and Custom HTTP monitoring that gives you enough tools to monitor a RESTful API and provide reporting.

Since the public reports are hosted at Pingdom, they will be available even when your own website is down.

In addition to a basic up and down status dashboard, Pingdom also provides visual charts and graphs:

  • Uptime and response time charts.
  • Response time global map.
  • Daily and monthly overviews.
  • Customizable history (how far back in time the reports go).
  • Customizable design (colors, logo).

The charts are built using HTML, CSS and JavaScript (to avoid flash), so they work across browsers and on IPhone, IPad and other mobile devices.

Pingdom provides a basic and business account, both with a 30 day trial period. One more ready-to-go API building block to deliver your API Community.