Apigee API Console is Now Free for Everyone to Use

Apigee has released its API Console as a free, publicly available tool for use by any API provder.

The API Console allows developers to view an API, authenticate with the API and begin making requests and seeing responses from an API.

The new publicly available API console lets API owners create their own API console, skin it to match brand, and embed within any API area.

The API console assists developers with authentication by handling OAuth 1.0 and OAuth 2.0 access to APIs.

Once authenticated, developers can begin exploring an API and making calls. It allows developers to begin using an API and understanding how it works without any programming.

This type of exploration is critical for API adoption. If users can play with all aspects of an API, understand how it works, they can begin visualizing how they will integrate with the API.

Apigee's API Console is a must-have building block for any API service provider.