Google API Explorer

Just days after Apigee made their API explorer free and embeddable, Google has announced a new API Explorer.

The new Google API Explorer is an interactive interface for playing with Google APIs.

Google API Explorer currently supports:

  • Google Buzz API
  • Google Custom Search API
  • Diacritize API
  • Moderator API
  • Shopping API
  • Translate API
  • URL Shortener API
The API Explorer interface provides public or private access to APIs, with the private access handling the necessary OAuth authentication.

By selecting an API you wish to explore, you can see all the available methods and parameters along with documentation. Just fill out the parameters for the method you want to try and click execute. The Google Explorer composes the request, executes it, and displays the response.

Google provides some real-life examples anyone can execute:

The Google Explorer provides an quick access tool for developers to discover what APIs Google offers, and enables users to immediately start using.

This type of discovery and instant visualization can be the difference between API adoption or choosing to go with an alternative.