Simpler Twitter API Integration with Web Intents

Since the Twitter OAuth Apocalypse integrating tweets into a web page requires writing an OAuth application for even the simplest of Twitter integrations, like replying, retweeting and favoriting.

Twitter just released a new simpler API called Web Intents that makes Tweets more interactive when you display on the web.

The Twitter Web Intents API provides a JavaScript interface for adding Reply, Retweet, and Favorite links to a specific Tweet:

You can access detailed documentation, display guidelines, and standard Reply, Retweet and Favorite icons at the Twitter web site.

Twitter Web Intents API is an example of a growing trend of simpler tools that make APIs accessible beyond the developer community.

REST has simplified APIs making them hackable by journalists, data scientists, and any other tech savvy users that may not be able to program but can understand manipulating a URL query string to get the data they are looking for.

More API providers are considering development of simpler APIs, snippets, widgets, and embeddable code that expand their API ecosystem to a wider audience.