"Twitter API is Not Just for Developers"

I keep stumbling across innovative approaches to using Web APIs, for non-developers.

The other day I wrote about quantifying your social media impact, using Google Docs and social media APIs, byTom Critchlow.

Tonight I came across a example of archiving your daily tweets into a Google spreadsheet using the Twitter API.

Richard Orelup came up with this little hack in response to this tweet:

So in all of Twitter-dom, there is seriously no tool that archives a day's tweets in a sortable fashion?
Using the importXML() function he pulls Twitter updates from the Twitter API and stores in this Google Spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet template is pretty straightforward to use. Just make copy, and update the twitter user value.

Very cool example of the power of APIs, and how important it is that we deliver simple, RESTful interfaces that developers and non-developers can use in every day business.