"API Partner Platforms"

As an API Evangelist I'm always grouping and targeting my API consumers, to better meet their needs and identify their role within my API ecosystem.

The three main groups that I break my API users into, are:API Ecosystem

  • Partners Developers
  • Public Developers
  • Internal Developers
When I first started working with APIs, I generally focused on API access for partners.

With the introduction of Open APIs, I began paying attention to a wider audience of developers from different countries, industries, programming languages and platforms.

Recently APIs are also being recognized for their use internally. API owners often target other departments or business locations when deploying or consuming APIs.

As the API Evangelist for Mimeo.com, I'm seeing a new target emerge, platform partners.

Platform partners are tend to be other complimentary APIs and / or self-service application platforms like Box.net and Google Apps Marketplace.

Just like with my partners, public, and internal developers I'm developing specific strategies, code samples, documentation and other tools targeting my designated partner platforms.

Partner platforms are quickly becoming an important part of my API ecosystem, we'll see where this trend goes.