"Whats Next for APIs?"

I'm preparing for another talk tomorrow at the Glue conference in Colorado. Glue is a conference that assists architects, developers, administrators and integrators in solving problems around web application integration.

Glue is about all of bits and pieces, APIs and meta-data, standards and connectors that will help us to glue together the varying applications of the new platform.

I'm on a panel at Glue called, Whats Next for APIs?. I'm stoked to be invited along with some major players in the API space:

The session is moderated by Adam DuVander of ProgrammableWeb.

The areas I'm focusing on covering are:

  • Technology & Tools
  • Embeddable
  • Developers
  • Monetization
  • Industries & Common Areas
  • Legal
I'm excited to discuss whats next with leaders in the API industry.
What would you say is next with APIs?
I hope you can make it out to Glue for our session at 2:00 to 3:00 PM on Wednesday. It should be an interesting look into the future, regarding APIs.

You can still tickets get tickets for Glue on their registration page.