"Updates to Mashape API Management Platform"

Mashapereleased a few enhancements to their API management platform.
  • Inbox - Mashape redesigned their inbox and messaging system. Developers can contact you from your API detail page, and the inbox provides interface for managing developers and your conversations.
  • API Wizard - The API setup and management wizard is no longer a step by step wizard. It now gives you five options in a left hand navigation, leaving the room for more options to be added in the future.
  • Private APIs - You can now deploy a private API with Mashape, only inviting the developers you want to have access.
Some small changes, but prettyimportantchanges for API owners and developers who use Mashape.

I would say the ability to deploy a private API is the most significant, as more people realize the value of APIs, and deploy them for partners, not the general public.