"Facebook Removes Application Directory"

Many Facebook developers have been confused about what it means to submit to the Facebook App Directory, and frustrated by the length of time it took to get their applications approved.

Facebook has stated that the Facebook App Directory actually drives less than 0.5% of all application installations, with the highest number of installations actually coming from Facebook search.

And until now, to be visible in search, you had to submit your app to the App Directory.

In light of this data Facebook is removing the App Directory and depending on search for application discovery on the Facebook platform.

For an app to show up in search, developers now need to go to the application detail page, and click the Submit to Search link in the left sidebar while editing the application.

When submitted, applications are automatically available in search and there is no longer an approval process to go through. When any changes are made to application settings, it will automatically be updated in the listing.

Obviously this approach doesn't apply to all API application directories, but some interesting data to consider from one of the larger development platforms, when deploying your own API application directory.