"Deploy and Monetize Amazon SimpleDB Data with API from WebServius"

Amazon SimpleDB is a highly available, flexible, and scalable key-value data store built in the clouds.

WebServius provides self-service API deployment and management solutions, that allow you to monetize your data.

By combining Amazon SimpleDB and WebServius you can quickly deploy and monetize any dataset using an API.

You start by uploading your data to Amazon SimpleDB, then create a WebServius account and connect it to your SimpleDB account.

Using WebServius you set any pricing rules you want, such as selling the data at $0.001 per row. You instantly get a commercial-grade pay-per-use API complete with a user signup page, a system for issuing API keys, and billing capabilities.

Amazon SimpleDB gives you a way to store and scale access to your data, while WebServius provides way to open up access, while also securing and monetizing it through an RESTful API that developers will understand and know how to use.