"Printing and Publishing APIs"

As the API Evangelist for Mimeo, I spend a lot of time looking for other print related APIs. I spent some time today to update my list, and here what I found:

Let's take inventory of what types of printing services are available.  First Google provides a web-based framework for registering, access and printing to any web-enabled printer.  And The Newspaper Club API provides newspaper layout tools.  Those really are print related, but not necessary produce print as a final product.

When it comes to actual printing, there are an assortment of business documents including books, binders, newsletters, booklets, cards, spiral notebook.

Some big name photo printing services, and nice high end minicards, stickerBooks, postercards, business and greeting cards with Moo.com.

If you know of any other print or publishing APIs I should add to the list, let me know.