"Getting Ready for the X.Commerce Innovate Developer Conference in San Francisco"

I'm getting ready for the X.Commerce Innovate Developer Conference 2011, at Moscone Center in San Francisco this week.

X.Commerce is the merging of Paypal, eBay and Magento's developer ecosystems into a single developer community empowering the next generation of merchants who need to operate in the world of global, multi-channel commerce.

The APIs that make up X.Commerce are:

  • Paypal - Website Payment Pro, Express Checkout and Adaptive Payments are a a couple of Paypals Payment APIs that X.Commerce developers can take advantage of.
  • eBay - The hardened suite of search, trading and buying APIs from the popular auction platform that was one of the early pioneers in the web API space.
  • Magento - The API allows access to the Customer, Catalog and Order modules of any users Magento E-Commerce account.

X.Commerce strives to bring together Marketplace, Payment, Mobile Products into a single developer ecosystem, with essential Account Management, Information and Reporting Products.

Even though you still have to go out to each individual sites developer ecosystems, you can tell they are working to bring together the communities in a central next generation merchant portal.

This is what I expect at the X.Commerce Innovate Developer Conference, an event bringing together all eBay, Paypal and Magento developers and learn about each other, as well as share resources between the communities.

X.Commerce Innovate Developer Conference 2011 is October 12th, 13th and 14th 2011 and registration is still open for the event. I can get you $200 off the registration price, if you use the code: API200. Hope to see you there!