"Google Launches OAuth 2.0 Playground"

Last March Google started support OAuth 2.0 for all of their APIs, and has been pushing all developers to switch to using OAuth 2.0 in all applications.

Today they announced the OAuth 2.0 Playground which allows developers to experiment with APIs using the OAuth 2.0 protocol, and understand how the protocol functions and will make your life easier.

The OAuth 2.0 Playground enables developers to walk through each step of the OAuth 2.0 flow for server-side web applications:

  • Authorizing API scopes
  • Exchanging authorization tokens
  • Refreshing access tokens
  • Sending authorized requests to API endpoints

At each step, the Playground displays the full HTTP requests and responses for each API.

Google’s endorsement of OAuth 2.0 was very important for the standard and the API industry as a whole. APIs need a secure and standard way for users to authenticate and allow access to their resources when using web and mobile apps.  With Twitter, Google, Facebook and other heavyhitters on board, OAuth is here to stay.

OAuth has traditionally been difficult for some developers to implement, which has gotten easier with 2.0. But we all have to work to help developers understand its value and how to implement--tools like Google OAuth 2.0 Playground will go a long way in helping developers understand the standard, ensuring that users app experience is pleasant and secure, and APIs are seen as a secure and efficient way to builld applications around.