"Engaging My API Developers Immediately with Rapportive"

When new developers register for the CityGrid API, I get an email with their name and email address. I want to make sure each developer knows I’m here, and available to help them get up and running as quick as possible.

Emailing them as soon as they register seems a little too pushy, but following them on Twitter, with my personal Twitter and the CityGrid API Twitter account makes sense. So how do I get their Twitter handle, without spending too much time and derailing whatever I’m working on?

In comes Rapportive. For those of you who don’t know what Rapportive is, it is an browser add-on that runs in my Gmail and shows me everything about a contact I’m emailing with. On the right hand side it lists as much information associated with the email as the service can find, such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

So when I get a new registration email from CityGrid APIs, I highlight the email address and it shows me information about the user. Many users don’t maintain active online profiles, so it returns nothing. However a handful, have Twitter accounts associated, which I immediately follow with my personal and CityGrid API Twitter accounts.

Both of my Twitter profiles clearly reflect CityGrid APIs, so when I follow them on Twitter, my developers know who I am, and they should now be aware that I am here to help. If they have any questions, they know they know how to find me.