Products and Commerce with APIs

I am really starting to see my early visions of the Internet coming together. In my mind I see an interconnected world of products and commerce, where every business has an API.

APIs finally seem to be maturing, reaching a point where they can deliver at the scale and reliability we need, to really make this happen. Three good examples of this are:

  • The API - Providing to access to over 3 million individual product listings from 1700+ companies, representing total sales of over £3,382 billion and counting. Access 15+ years of product and market data across 72 different countries at the click of a button and get the latest data on sales volumes, activity levels, and market share.
  • The Elastic Path Digital Commerce API - A Digital Commerce Engine™ for driving any e-commerce experience, on any device or platform, allowing companies to build compelling product experiences, leverage new business models, and extend their reach to emerging end points.
  • Stripe API - A complete payment platform, that handles everything, including storing cards, subscriptions, and direct payouts to your bank account, without a merchant account or gateway.

When you look through those three APIs, you see the simplicity of REST + JSON, plus the essential building blocks to support developers, and the power and scalability you need to drive commerce in the API driven economy.