iContact Developers Area Landing Page Delivers

I look at a lot of APIs, the first page you land on makes a big impression, and I can always tell when someone cares enough about developers to craft a simple, quality API Area landing page.

I’ve talked about what it takes to qualify for my API stack, and today’s winner for simply and elegantly qualifying for the API stack is iContact.

Upon landing on the iContact Developers Area main page I visually see what I need to get going:

  • Get Started
  • Self-Service Registration
  • Documentation
  • Code Samples
  • Resources
  • Blog

Then in the footer you can immediately connect with other areas of the company:

  • Legal
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn

The iContact Developers Area landing page is well crafted and as a developer, makes you feel like someone considered you while designing. You can quickly get at what you need to start integrating and you feel like someone is there to support you as well as keep the API up and running.

What impression does your API area landing page say about your API?