The Best Team Page Ever!!

When it comes to any business, you want to showcase your team, and the value they bring to the table.  

One of the things I do here at API Evangelist, is showcase great examples of technology across the API industry.  

With this in mind I wanted to showcase the Singly team page.  When you visit and click on team in the footer, you get immediately see a team member photo carousel:

Which isn't very unique, but next you get 3 things that are unique:

  • Average number of hours each Singly team member slept this week
  • Number of Github commits in the last 7 days
  • Distance walked by Singly team members

Singly team members provide this data using Quantified Self (QS) data from products like Fitbit and Runkeeper, and social programming networks like Github--driven by APIs.  

Next Singly shows a map of their neighborhood in the San Francisco mission district:

Then they wrap up with Instagram photos from team members:

The Singly team page is the best company team page I have ever seen.  It shows extremely personal data from their Fitbit and Rukneeper devices, as well as the day to day business of code pushes via their Github accounts. The team page also shows you where the team is located and some Instagram photos to help you get the vibe of the team.

What does your website team page tell about your companies team?