REST Web Services & API Security with Intel

When it comes to API service providers, there is one brand that I would say is widely known, but when we are talking about APIs, often gets overlooked. That company is Intel.

In addition to a whole suite of SOA and Cloud Middleware, all with an emphasis on security--Intel has a REST Web Services Gateway. This provides a simple solution to the number concern I get from potential API owners: How do I secure my API?

The Intel REST Web Services Gateway provides:

  • Invoke Security Token Service credential mapping or validation
  • Ensure throttling and SLAs by REST service
  • Extend Enterprise audit and compliance to WOA and REST
  • Detailed XML threat prevention and payload inspection
  • Service virtualization, proxy, and abstraction as a policy enforcement point
  • REST API security and management

You can find a summary of the product, a full data sheet, as well as some video tutorials over at Intel.

If you would like to know more, or have questions make sure and come to API Strategy & Practice this week in NYC. Intel will have a session on their approach to APIs, as well as be on a panel that I’ll be moderating on API service providers.  Intel is also a gold sponsor of API Strategy & Practice--the event wouldn't be happing if it wasn't for Intel.  Thanks!

If that isn’t enough! I will also be doing some workshops with Intel at the Gartner AADI conference in Las Vegas, the end of November.  So you will have another opportunity to speak with both of us.

If you can’t make to either New York or Las Vegas, drop me an email and I’ll get you in touch with Intel.