Make Your Own About.json File For Your Company Website

I spend a lot of time trying to find company logos and a little blurb about what a company does.  You'd think in this cloudy API driven world there would a simpler way.  

I decided to create my own solution.  I created an about.json file for API Evangelist.

When you need my company logo, a quick description about API Evangelist or other key information like my Twitter account or Blog RSS, you know where to find it.

Now, could you please create one for your company?  You can copy my about.json above, go to JSON Editor Online, paste it in and create your own.  When done, make sure and save to your desktop as text file and upload to the root of your site.  

I'll always take a look at first to see if a company has it, before Googling on my own for a logo and about blurb.

Maybe some day, every site will have one.