Evangelists Needed in New York, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Austin and Portland

I call it being an evangelist, but it has other names, such as advocate or ambassador. Someone who is good at evangelism, in my opinion, starts with a love of hacking but is also having a love of helping others learn and understand technology. I can’t help being an evangelist, it’s just part of my personality.

These days, I get enough requests for evangelists, so I decided to start finding passionate hackers within specific communities to help fill requests. Some requests for evangelists are full time positions, some part time, while others involve just going to meetups and hackathons in evenings and on weekends as needed.

Currently I’m on the hunt for some passionate hacker personalities in New York, Chicago, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Austin, Atlanta and Portland. If you live in these cities, are passionate about API, mobile, social and the cloud--you should consider a life of evangelism.

Even if you aren’t quite sure what an evangelist, advocate or ambassador does, feel free to reach out. Chances are you are already attending meetups, hackathons and already doing evangelism activities--you just aren’t getting paid or receiving incentives to do so.

Visit the interested in evangelism page and I can answer your questions and get you plugged in.