Adigami Aggregates Analytics APIs Into Single Interface

In 2012 the number of APIs has grown significantly. We are transitioning from “there aren’t enough APIs” to “how do we more intelligently use many APIs”. As I track on this and the future of web APIs, I’m noticing growth in the number of API aggregators like Singly.

A couple of weeks ago I was introduced Adigami, a "Singly for Analytics". While Singly focuses on personal data API aggregation, Adigami is focused on aggregating the top analytic platforms used in business today--covering seven key channels:

  • Web - Google Analytics
  • Search - Google AdWords, Microsoft Bing
  • Display - DoubleClick, Yahoo! APT, Facebook Ads, MediaMind
  • Social - Facebook Insights, Twitter
  • Mobile - Yahoo! Mobile, Verve Wireless
  • Email - MailChimp, SendGrid, ConstantContact, ExactTarget
  • Custom - Adigami can import proprietary data.

Operating your business on the Internet or "in the cloud" is a reality, and as we operate more and more in this cloud, each platform will have its own set of analytics--making the need to centralize and standardize analytics across channels and platforms more and more critical.

Adigami is just the tip of the iceberg. I predict we’ll see API aggregators emerge from top industries like government, healthcare and education. In 2013 we will learn to more fluently communicate with web APIs with the help of API aggregators like Singly and Adigami.