My API Building Blocks Workshop With Intel at the Gartner AADI Conference

I conducted two workshops this week in partnership with Intel at the Gartner AADI Conference in Las Vegas. Working from my Building Blocks of a Successful API material, I put together a 30 minute workshop that I conducted at 12 and 6PM on Tuesday.

My workshop started with the history of APIs, then walked through API building blocks in 3 areas:

  • API Design 
  • API Development 
  • API Evangelist

Then I stepped back and emphasized that APIs are all about research & development and business development for your company.

After stepping back, I looked into whats next with APIs with API aggregators like Singly, API automation platforms like IFTT and new API programming libraries like Webshell.

The goal of my talk was to plant a few seeds in attendee’s mind:

  • APIs Are More Than Tech 
  • APIs Require a Business Approach 
  • Politics Can Be Biggest Killer of APIs 
  • Focus Delivering Value

You can view the slide deck below for the workshop. If you’d like a custom demo feel free to contact me and we can do a Google Hangout.