Building Blocks (Bricks) For Your Developer Portal #APIDays

I gave a talk at API Days in Paris, France this week.  This talk was using some of my usual material around the building blocks of an API. As I always do, I omitted some slides and evolved my presentation a little further.  This is one benefit of using reveal.js, driven from the API Evangelist database--I can evolve my content and make better with each talk.

I discussed 5 main areas to consider when building your API developer portal:

  • History of APIs
  • API Design & Planning
  • API Development
  • API Evangelism
  • Whats Next for APIs?

My goal is to keep organizing and sharing my view on API design, planning, development and evangelism so my readers can put to use in their own API efforts.

It was interesting to talk through my API building block approach with API owners in France, after giving my talk.  I learned a lot by talking with folks there.  And I really think Europe has huge opportunity in front of it, when it comes to the API economy.

You can view my Building Blocks (Bricks) for your Developer Portal from #APIDays, I hope to recreate as a Google Hangout Video and publish to YouTube as soon as I make time.