The Secret to a Successful API is Internal #APIDays

I had the pleasure of speaking at API Days in Paris, France this week. The organizers originally asked me to do one talk, but after some speaker shuffle, I ended up with three separate talks on APIs.

The second talk I did at API Days was The Secret to a Succesful API is Internal.  This material was evolved from past stories I've done on Amazon's and Netflix's success with internal APIs.  

I really want to tell more stories about other companies who have had success with internal APIs. But these are the hardest stories to come by, and I feel they are some of the most important API stories we can tell.  

If you have a great internal API story you'd like to tell, I love to hear more.  Feel free to email or DM on Twitter, and we can figure out the best format to tell your story.

You can view my presentation of The Secret to a Succesful API is Internal from API Days, and I believe the session was video taped, so I'm sure there will be videos coming soon!