The Need for More Domain Experts in the API Space

The number of available APIs is growing at a neck breaking speed. I have trouble keeping up with individual APIs, and I feel I am losing touch with the nuances and trends within specific areas like music or travel.

I am getting more and more questions like this via email and twitter:

I am doing some research on music APIs. I am considering using one to integrate music streaming and relevant data into an app. Can you recommend anyone who has technical or business expertise (or both) with these in particular? I would love to speak with an expert to help lead me and my developers in the right direction. Some points I am considering:

  • Technical capabilities (streaming speed, limitations of service, etc.)
  • Access to support from API parent company
  • Business opportunities or restrictions that arise when relying on the API

These are concerns that might be shared with other industries, but knowing the music industry--there are plenty of unique issues developers encounter when building applications and businesses around music APIs.

Back in February, I did write on how EMI is helping developers navigate building apps for the music industry, but beyond just shedding light on what others are doing, I don’t have the time to specialize in the details of how APIs are transforming the music industry.

There is a huge need for more professionals to step up within specific industries and develop the domain expertise necessary to make sure APIs are being deployed with the proper technical, business and political building blocks, and help developers understand how to navigate the nuances of a particular industry being transformed by web APIs.

Could you be this person, feel free to connect with me.  I see a desperate need for experts in the music industry, education, health care, government and other fast moving business sectors.