API Trends

In addition to helping people understand the history of APIs, I'm looking to help people grasp what the future holds, when it comes to APIs. So, while tracking on the API industry, I'm always on the lookout for patterns of API usage that can help me understand what might be next for the web API movement. 

Based upon what I'm seeing across the space I launched a new trends section to API Evangelist, where I'm gathering news, analysis and company data in seven separate areas:



Backend as a Service (BaaS)



Scripting Platforms



These areas reflect the patterns I'm seeing, and while some API owners or API service providers may fall into one or many of these areas, I've broken them down into, what I feel are meaningful groups that will help me explain the future of APIs to the masses.  With a goal of demonstrating the value, power and importance of APIs.

If you feel there are other trends I'm missing, patterns I'm not seeing or companies that are doing cool stuff in these areas, please let me know.  As with all of API Evangelist, these new sections are a work in progress--help it grow.