File API And The Opportunity for Private Label BaaS Resources has just released a File API to add to their messaging and communication stack, allowing any account to natively store files via the social platform.

Each account will be given a 10GB file storage area, allowing applications to read and write files, that can be linked and embedded within communications.

This approach reminds me of what I’m seeing within the backend as a service (BaaS) space with other common developer resources like user management, object storage and key-value stores. is just making sure developers have the resources they will need to be successful building web and mobile apps with the API--a similar motivation for BaaS providers as wel as other API providers.

While many developers are fine with using multiple API providers to get what they need, I can see an opportunity to provide the essential resources developers will need within the primary API that they are building their app around.

As essential API resources are further commoditized, it seems like an opportunity for private label BaaS resources to emerge. File storage could become something that any API provider could offer alongside their own resources, without having to reinvent the wheel each time.

Maybe such services already exist under other names, and I'm unaware of it, but it seems like a great opportunity for cloud providers to step up and offer private label, backend resources for API providers to integrate into their platforms.