Let's Talk APIs In Scandinavia With Nordic APIs

Are you ready for more discussions about APIs? I know I am. :) This time its from our Scandinavian friends, with four events in 2013. Nordic APIs is a series of conferences and events held across Scandinavia which provides knowledge and information about APIs.

API Evangelist is a supporter of Nordic APIs, and you will find me speaking at the 2 day event in Stockholm in September. I will be speaking with Adam DuVander(@adamd) and John Musser(@johnusser) of ProgrammableWeb, Jacob Ideskog (@jacobideskog) and Travis Spencer (@travisspencer) of Twobo Technologies, as well as the notorious Andreas Krohn (@andreaskrohn).

I feel an awakening happening around APIs, and its not just a Silicon Valley thing. People around the globe are becoming more aware of the potential of APIs. I'm getting more and more requests from Europe and South America for API education, resources and tools.

We need to support as many of these open, vendor neutral conversations about APIs as we can. The Nordic APIs series is looking for sponsors and support. If your company is looking to break into Scandinavia, you should be supporting Nordic APIs, because its guaraneed to be a couple hundred of the smartest folks across the Scandanavian API space assembled in one building.

Head over to Nordic APIs site and contact them directly to see how you can support the conversations that will be occurring across Scandavia, and I look forward to seeing you there.