VCS, How Does Your Portfolio Rate When It Comes To APIs?

As the API Evangelist, I’ve made it my mission to go outside of the Silicon Valley bubble and educate the “normals” about the potential of APIs. In doing this I have conversations with a wide range of folks from new startups, to the GSA in Washington DC. One growing trend I’m seeing is the number of VC and angel investors reaching out, to have me help them understand the API space and how it applies to their investments.

I have a couple VC’s I talk to on a regular basis, but I have a growing number of new ones who are investing more and more in technology companies and need to get a grip on this API world. As a Terry Kearns from Oxford Strategic Advisors, LLC, put it yesterday:

"I wanna let you know I appreciate all the work you've done here. For a guy who is not a tech guy. You really help me out with a lot, your articles and information help me get my arms around this whole API world"

That is my mission. This is what I do. Nobody pays me to educate people like this about the APIs space, but it is so critical that the folks who are investing in the next generation of healthcare, education, manufacturing and other business sectors, understand APIs, at least at a basic level.

APIs are part of fundamental change in how we conduct business, not just in technology sector, but EVERY aspect of our government, business and even our personal lives. Let me know how I can answer questions about your existing investment portfolio or regarding business sectors you are looking to invest in.

Make sure your companies truly understand APIs, and you are making educated investments.