Database to API With SlashDB

I would say the most common path to an API is from your company's database. This makes database to API connectors, tools and services a pretty valuable area of the API space. While there will always be high profile APIs dominating the tech blogosphere, most APIs will be launched quietly from small companies, by connecting them to various internal data sources.

During API Strategy & Practice, I met a new API service provider, called SlashDB, that focuses on just delivering APIs from your database. Once installed on any web server, SlashDB connects your internal databases and constructs a REST/HTTP web service, easily making database content accessible by URLs for getting, updating, inserting and deleting in a secure way.

SlashDB provides connectors for Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostGreSQL, IBM DB2 and Sybase--covering the top 5 databases you will find in the enterprise or small to medium businesses.

I notice that SlashDB also has Microsoft Excel connectors. I will have to investigate this further and do another story on API deployment from Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. I know this will sound insane to the RESTafarians, but I think much of the worlds data is locked up in spreadsheets, on individual computers, throughout companies around the globe.

I've added SlashDB to my list of next generation API service providers like EmergentOne, API Spark and API Engine.  Check it out, and let me know what you think.