What Are The Other Approaches to BaaS Pricing?

API calls and passing on cloud storage costs are the most common ways to approach BaaS pricing.  But beyond these two areas, there are numerous other ways BaaS providers are pricing BaaS services for developers.

With mobile app users being the center of the world in mobile app development, it makes a per user charge charge for BaaS services seem logical. A per user fee, potentially couples a BaaS provider monetization strategy with their developers.  In this approach a provider may assume their developers will be monetization each end-user of their platform, thus can afford to pay more as they add users.

Other BaaS providers state that charging developers based upon API calls and number of active uses results in a kind of success tax.  Meaning the more successful your app is, the more active users and API calls you will have, equally a significantly larger BaaS bill.  There is still a lot of open discussion around this point.

BaaS pricing is far from standardized.  It is much more a reflection of the IaaS layer beneath the BaaS providers than it is about the end users of the platforms. However there is a lot of experimentation going on in Baas, resulting in numerous other approaches to pricing across 45 BaaS providers.