My Talk Tomorrow Night at the Dallas-Forth Worth API Professionals Meetup

After looking through the list of folks who have RSVP'd for the DFW API Professionals Meetup in Dallas tomorrow night, it looks like an interesting mix of tech and business folk. The tech group is definitely the larger, with a mix of mobile, web and enterprise. The business folks look like a mix of VC, project manager, marketing and startups.

I'm heading out to Dallas in the morning, and I am spending my afternoon preparing my talk. When it comes to meetups, I like to wait until the last moment, see who has RSVP'd and shift my talk to being more tech, more business or more API 101 depending on the audience. I like the mix of people I'm seeing RSVP'd for tomorrow night.

I'm pulling together a talk from some of my regular material, but updating for what is going on right now. Resulting in the following outline I'm calling, "From ProgrammableWeb to ProgrammableWorld":

  • API Evangelist
  • History of APIs
  • API Management
    • What It Was
    • Design
    • Deployment
    • Management
    • Monetization
    • Evangelism
    • Community
  • API Consumption
    • What It Was
    • Discovery
    • Education
    • Integration
    • Monetization
    • Operations
    • Community
  • API Trends
    • Aggregation
    • BaaS
    • Reciprocity
    • Real-time
    • Voice
  • ProgrammableWeb
    • Web
    • Mobile
    • Tablets
  • ProgrammableWorld
    • Quantified-Self
    • Automobile
    • Buildings
    • Sensors
  • In Closing

As with all of my talks, I look forward to making it a conversation with the audience and hopefully shifting the discussion, further towards what Dallas-Forth worth folks are looking to understand and share within the API space.

Thanks to theRightAPI for pulling the event together and Proxomo, Layer 7 Technologies and Pariveda Solutions for sponsoring to make it all possible. I look forward to seeing you all in Dallas, TX tomorrow evening.