DataSift's Open Source World

I'm increasingly finding a company's approach to using Github, a vital signal of the health of a company, their team, and the products and services they are delivering.

An example of this is with social data platform, DataSift's new open source area. DataSift has thrown up a Github page which re-enforces the company's commitment to consuming and producing open source software, as well as a list of important, Github driven signals:

  • Latest Updates - The latest repository updates acorss all of DataSift's repositories
  • API Client Libraries - Java, Python, Ruby, PHP and other client libraries for the DataSift API
  • Public Github Repos - Other tools and utilities that are avaiable via DataSift Github repositories
  • Job Vacancies - A listing of current job openings at DataSift

I think DataSift approach is a very meaningful demonstration in the potential of being "open".  As a company, DataSift provides access to valuable social signals, that any company can access via their interface and API, allowing them to develop insight and intelligence. If you look closely at their approach to deploying their Github hosted, open source site, it provides four very critical signals. API client libraries, open source code projects, job openings and updates across the company's Github profile.

Think about it. The number of platforms supported for an API, the number of public open source code projects and the number and type of job postings for a company are pretty significant signals regarding the health of a company these days.  These can be pretty difficult areas to fake, and in many cases will quickly show the activity, growth and stability of a company.

I like DataSift's approach to their Open Source area. It doesn't just provide code and tools for developers to be successful, it provides us a deeper look into how DataSift operates.  

Of the 1,640 tech companies I monitor, 751 of them have Github accounts.  I think many of these companies can learn a lot from DataSift's approach to open source and how you can put Github to use.