Github Can Be More Than Code

I have been using Github to manage my code for a couple years now, but in the last year I'm using Github more often for a variety of projects that don't always have code involved--examples ranging from hosting slide decks for my talks to repositories for my API research projects.

In the last couple months I've noticed I'm not the only one using Github to organize projects, check out of a few of these examples:

White House Open Data Project - Using Github to publish and solicit participation around the open data policy for all federal agencies
Hackathon Guide - How to throw a hackathon guide, complete with an event website template that runs as Github page
Innovators Patent Agreement - A new way to do patent assignment that keeps control in the hands of engineers and designers, put forth by Twitter.
Germany for Laws - A repository containing all German federal laws and regulations in Markdown format

Github lends itself to managing markup and markdown documents in a very collaborative way, allowing for tracking issues and revisions along the way. There is something about the open source process that introduces transparency and visibility into the document creation and management process.

I'm wll keep tracking on the innovative ways I'm seeing Github used. So far I'm pretty impressed with the different ways I'm seeing Github used.  If you know of any other interesting ways, please send my way.