Have You Checked Out Webshell Lately?

Have you checked out what the Webshell.io team is up to lately?  I know I haven't been in there for a couple months, and it looks like they've been heads down making some interesting improvements.

New Cloud IDE

Rather than re-invent the wheel, Webshell has integrated Cloud9 web-based IDE, into the API scripting platform:


New Documentation

They overhauled their platform documentation on the continuous mission to make them more valuable by developers:


New API Explorer

They've changed the API explorer making playing with APIs a better experience.

New Codecademy Lesson

They have created "Webshell 101" course, providing an easy way to understand how Webshell works:


That is four pretty significant building blocks from the Webshell platform. If your not familiar with some of the innovative API integration Webshell is doing, I recommend checking them out.  Also if you haven't taken a fresh look in a while, like me, I recommend taking a moment.

The Webshell team gets the future of API usage, what they are doing via their platform represents a meaningful blend of the technology, business and politics of APIs, providing a model for the programmable web.