APIs Provide Much Needed Oxygen and Sunlight In Our World

APIs are providing much needed access and visibility into the backend technology that is increasingly driving our desktops, laptops, mobile phones and beginning its migration into our homes, cars and our personal self. APIs aren't just something for developers to play with, they crack open the often black box of IT and technology, making it accessible to everyone.

Without APIs, none of this happens. APIs provide visibility into what many businesses would like to keep hidden from us, taking away our privacy, ownership and ability to hold companies, government and developers accountable for what they do with our personal and private data, and ultimately how they extract value for our world.

APIs are not perfect, they can be used for bad, and just because a company has an API, doesn't mean everything is on the up and up. However APIs introduce the ability for us to have 3 legged conversations, where platforms, 3rd parties and end users can have conversations about how are worlds are being connected and accessed in real-time.

These conversations are critical to how our increasingly technology driven world will evolve. Technology can be good when it is applied in sensible, safe wayss, taking into consideration all parties involved. Without the oxygen and sunlight introduced by APIs, infections can be introduced that can prove bad for users, developers and even deadly to the overall platform.

I am all for APIs being used in our desktop, laptop and mobile computing and within the Internet of Things that is taking hold of our cars, homes and even our bodies. But let's make sure we do it in a way that promotes the healthiest ecosystems for everyone involved.  

We will all be better off for it!