Have A Bunch Of Documents? Launch An API With Apache Solr

In this computer driven business world its easy to end up with a mess of documents across a company's network. No matter how much you try to organize, name and add metadata to documents, providing a quality search mechanism can be tough. Let alone one that you can use in web portals, web sites and even mobile and tablet applications.

One common way to to solve this problem historically has been using the Lucene Java Search Library, but in the age of web and mobile having an added API for integrating across all the place you will need search, is even better. One of the quickest ways to deploy a document search API is using Apache Solr which is built on top of the Lucene Java Search Library.

Apache Solr delivers a full-text search server that provides a REST-like API, where you put documents in it via XML, JSON or CSV, and then you can query it via API and receive XML, JSON, CSV results, which enables you to deliver a quick, cost effective, open source API driven search for your documents.

There are many types of APIs, from data to programmatic resources--when it comes to document search APIs for knowledge bases, catalogs and other document stores, Apache Solr is a solid option.