Am I Going to See You @NordicAPIs in Sweden, September 18th & 19th?

There is a growing number of API conferences going on this year in the US, but the hunger for API knowledge isn't just something going on in this country, we are seeing a demand for API information and conversation growing internationally.

One place that is exploding is in Europe and specifically in the Scandinavian region, and there is one must-go-to event that is driving the API conversation--the Nordic API Conference, September 18th and 19th in Stockholm, Sweden.

I will be heading out for the conference and giving a talk I'm calling "The Politics of APIs is the Future", my current abstract is:

We have found the right balance of technology for APIs, using simple lightweight protocols, built on HTTP. The business of APIs around good documentation, marketing and support to developers and monetization strategies are being proven. The next challenge we face in the API space will be around terms of use, privacy, deprecation and security.

In addition to my talk, I will be moderating a panel on the Internet of Things, but specifically on business models, with Ronnie Mitra, Bradford Stephens, David Henricson Briggs and Ellen Sundh:

As we just begin getting a hold on monetization strategies and business models for APIs delivering data and resources for mobile development. How will we begin to understand how to apply what we have learned for the Internet of Things across our homes, vehicles, sensors and other Internet enabled objects that are being integrating with our lives.

The Nordic APIs is exactly two weeks away, so its not too late to buy a plane ticket and engage in API conversations with global thought leaders fromt the space, in beautiful Stockholm. I've never been to Sweden and looking forward to going. I get really pumped by the passion and energy for APIs, interoperability and opening up government businesses outside the United States.

If you can make time, and afford the trip, I look forward to seeing you in Stockholm and having a conversation about the business and politics of the fast unfolding API driven world.