PHP Libraries For Smithsonian API to Support Hackathon This Weekend

I have a long list of little projects I'm working on across government, and since I'm not being paid for some of this work now (except for the support of my amazing partners), the publicity and page views for this work is all I got! :-) So I'm publishing the stories around everything I do.

This week I got a sneak peak of the Smithsonian EDAN API which provides access to meta data of collections housed at the Smithsonian Institute, along with the ability to tag items and build collections.

The Smithsonian is holding a hackathon this weekend and I wanted to contribute what I could, so I pulled together a PHP code library as I explored and hacked not the Smithsonian EDAN API. The library isn't a beautiful product ready SDK, but should help the average PHP developer get up to speed on the API and save some time building their app.

You can find the Smithsonian EDAN API PHP library on Github, learn more about the hackathon this weekend on Eventbrite, and follow any other work I'm doing for the Smithsonian around open data and APIs on my Smithsonian Data project on Github.