PR People For APIs

I'm getting more PR folks reaching out to me trying to get me to review their client's API program. I'm happy to add these to my list and make time each week to review them alongside the other new APIs I find each week.

I'm not willing to jump on the phone and hear a pitch about the API. You should send me a short succinct email, or even better a Tweet with a URL and I'm happy to add to my list and make time when i can.

I'm not the usual blogger who just wants to regurgitate what you told me in a briefing or in a press release. Your API and its supporting area should do the talking. I should be able to click on a single link, understand what you do, and be able to find what I need within 5 minutes or less. If I can't? Well I will let you know.

Think of me as a developer. I will be reviewing your product from that perspective.

So if you are doing PR for an API company, make sure and read my blog, engage me on Twitter and save the briefings and emails for other bloggers. I'm more concerned with the value your client is bringing to the table, and their approach to delivering a self-service API platform.

No briefing required. :-)