Understanding the French API Economy At API Days

I got back from Paris, France this Sunday, after Audrey (@audreywatters) and I spoke at API Days last Thursday. This was the second annual API event, which kicked off last year around the same time. I've been a supporter of the event since Mehdi (@medjawii) of Webshell told me about the idea.

Last years event was small, and over half the audience seemed to be imported API specialists such as myself, where this year it was clear--this was a french conference. A passionate community of API enthusiasts has grown over the last year, producing an impressive line-up of speakers and attendees.

I learned a lot about the space ranging from containers and oAuth to revelations about how we can learn from history and make the right decisions as we move forward in a world of APIs.

I encountered some pretty smart folks who knew a lot about technology, APIs and open data, that I hadn't encountered before in the online API world. This shows me the value of this type of event, and the importance of bringing folks together from around the world and share API stories.

Thanks Webshell and FaberNovel for making it happen, and bringing Audrey and I out to be part of such an important event.