Will Internet of Things And The SDK Push Out REST?

After watching the API space evolve, I've learned one thing, that there are lots of factors that influence the industry, and that the best solution doesn't always win.

As I'm studying the rise of Internet enabled devices, also known as Internet of Things (IoT), you see some devices embrace a RESTful approach to integration with their devices, but often times you see APIs released, but they are wrapped with SDKs.

I'm not making any assumption that SDKs or REST is better when it comes to IoT devices, technically an SDK may or may not provide a stronger solution. However within this approach I think it is easy to pave over the API, making it an after thought--stifling potential innovation that can occur around open endpoints.

When it comes to developing APIs for IoT I don't think engineers are consciously pushing out REST and web APIs, I think they stick with what they know. Without proper education around the larger potential of APIs + SDK, vs SDK only, engineers with go the path of least resistance, and the one they are familiar with.

As the space expands, we need to make sure there are sufficient stories available for IoT engineers to discover, making them aware of the potential of keeping their APIs front and center when integrating their devices to the Internet.