Standard Energy Efficiency Data APIs For Buildings

The team over at Panoptix turned me on to the the Standard Energy Efficiency Data (SEED) platform being developed over at the Department of Energy, which aims to be an API for collecting, storing and analyzing building energy performance data.

It appears that DOE is looking to develop open source software that state and local governments can use to manage energy efficiency across their buildings.

I like the approach to develop an open source, API driven platform that can set the tone for how data can be collected, managed, and shared. I think this is a great way to lead in an industry, and bring together not just government entities but other private sector players.

SEED is something I’d love to see work, and an API design I’d love to see in the API Commons. If you are part of the SEED project, I’d love to talk more. I pinged the email on the site, but haven’t heard anything.

Good stuff coming out of DOE lately.