Selling Your Digital Goods In Where Amazon Uses Your API To Purchase

Amazon has an interesting new service called Instant Access, which follows a trend I’m seeing in commerce, that allows the sales of digital goods, not just in-app like Amazon’s In-App Purchasing does, but let’s you sell your digital wares on

This new service allows you to list and sell your digital goods on, just like the physical goods you normally associate with Amazon. This opens up your digital products to the heavy traffic of, as well as the other perks like discoverability, reviews, and the payment systems that the Amazon platform enables.

Amazon Instant Access connects customer’s profiles with your application profiles, and triggers digital products sales in your system, using your API. To do this, you provide Instant Access with API endpoints for triggering profile creation or linkage, and for initiating digital product sales that are coming from

Now you can generate new sales, as well as allow your existing customers to use for searching, browsing and purchasing your digital products—changing the dynamics of virtual commerce. This opens up another reason for you to have APIs for your customers, as well as for your physical and virtual products. If you don’t have APIs, you will be limited to attracting customers and sale of your products via your website and applications.

If you do have APIs for your customer profiles, and physical and virtual products and services, you can open up the sale of your products via 3rd party platforms, including commerce giants like