API Evangelists Are A Thoughtful Voice That Spreads Awareness And Encourages Participation

I am preparing a job description for an API evangelist position at the Cashtie API, something I do for companies from time to time. When working on a new one, I go out and look at current API evangelist job positions, to see what is new and noteworthy since last time I did it.

While doing this today, I came across a posting for API Evangelist at Akamai, and while reading, two lines really stood out:

As an API Evangelist, you are a thoughtful voice that represents a new developer mode of interaction, both inside and outside the company.
You will spread awareness of and encourage participation in our emerging API program to mold the future of our entire developer experience.

Both of these lines reflect what any company should be looking for in their API evangelist. I really like the use of “thoughtful voice”, “spread awareness” and “encourage participation” and talking about how important the role is to the future of a company's “entire developer experience”.

When crafting your own role description for an API evangelist, make sure you spend some time looking through other companies job postings and see what details are most important to you.