The 15 Sessions At API Strategy And Practice in Amsterdam

I am getting psyched going through the schedule lineup of 15 sessions at API Strategy & Practice in Amsterdam. In planning the session outline, Steve, Vanessa and I listened to what the #APIStrat audience asked for after New York and San Francisco, which was more of the deep technical, as well as a balance of the business and politics of APIs.

I think our lineup delivers on this, which we've broken up into three tracks:

API Provider

  • Design and Development
  • Service Descriptions
  • Hypermedia APIs
  • API Marketing & Developer Communities
  • Hardware and Internet of Things (IOT)

API By Industry

  • Media, Music and Audio APIs
  • Civic APIs
  • Enterprise APis
  • APIs in Financial Services
  • Community APIs

API Consumer

  • Discovery and Trust
  • Security and Testing
  • High Scalability
  • API Based App Development
  • Business Models

This lineup of sessions represent what we are seeing across the API space, with API design coming front and center, to hypermedia moving beyond an academic discussion and actually getting traction. That is what API Strategy & Practice is about, providing a venue to have discussions about the areas that are impacting the industry.

The best thing is, this is just the session lineup, we still have workshops, keynotes, fireside chats and panels.