Adding API Rating Agency To Discovery Stack

I’m adding the API Rating Agency to my stack of companies who deliver in the area of API discovery. The API Rating Agency helps API consumers understand each API provider on a whole list of metrics, ranging from terms of service to platform uptime.

Rating of APIs has been a nut I’ve been trying to crack for a couple years now, resulting in a ranking system that is more human, than algorithm—so I know how hard it is to go through hundreds of APIs, and develop some sort of coherent ranking system.

The API Rating Agency is a work in progress. I know they are hard at work reviewing API providers, so if you have an API make sure and contact them and see how you can put together a package that will help them understand your API.

To achieve the scale we need in the API economy, we will have to have an unbiased, 3rd party ranking, kind of sorta like Moody’s or Standard & Poor’s, but hopefully more neutral. Developers have to be able to understand which platforms they can depend on.

You can catch Jonathan Bourguignon (@jon_bou) of the API Rating Agency at API Strategy & Practice next week in Amsterdam, participating in the discovery and trust session—I hope to see you there!