Last Chance To Register For Workshops At #APIStrat in Amsterdam

The first day at API Strategy & Practice is always workshops that expose you the world of APIs, and #APIStrat in Amsterdam next week is no different. We had four workshops, but successful development and deployment best practices to secure, monitor and manage APIs, by Isabelle Mauny, Director of Product Management at WSO2 is already sold out.

That leaves us with three workshops currently available:

  • API-First Development with RAML from Daniel Feist, Architect @ Mulesoft
  • Introduction to APIs from Kirsten Hunter and D. Keith Casey
  • CitySDK APIs Boosting Civic App Development from Hanna Niemi-Hugaerts, Project Manager at Helsinki, Forum Virium

I know most of them are getting full and I see emails coming with regularly with new registrations, so if you are interesting in participating in any of these workshops head over to the workshops page #APIStrat.

Remember that #APIStrat isn't just for the seasoned developer, there are many sessions to get you up to speed on APIs, including Kirsten’s and Keith’s Introduction to 101, and the workshops on Civic API hacking is meant for everyone looking to make a change in our government works.

I look forward to seeing you there next week.