Understanding The World Of APIs Via API Codex

The mission of API Evangelist is all about bringing awareness of APIs to the masses. The biggest challenge I face in doing this, is that API Evangelist is primarily a blog, which means a chronological listing of content I produce. When you are new to the API space, you can start with home page, but then you have to start sprinting to keep up with what I'm dish'n up on the blog. I have been working to address this by deploying other static research sites like design, deployment, management, evangelism, monetization for API providers, and discovery and integration on the API consumption side—however, even with this work its not enough.

This is why its great to see other resources emerge that help new API providers and consumers get up to speed on the space, while still remaining informative for the advanced users, or anywhere on the API proficiency spectrum. In this case I’m talking about API Codex , the curated site for API news from 3Scale--if you want to find the best articles from the API space, addressing all levels of expertise, API Codex is the resource you are looking for.

The first thing you see when you land on API Codex:

Just getting started? Check out our API101 page!

Then you can browse the best articles from the space, by level of expertise, and by tag, as well as find the best API stories organized by author. This isn’t just a random stream of articles from the API space, it is the best of the best from the API space. There is also an API tools section along with the API news, showcasing the best in tooling for both API providers and consumers.

As the API universe expands we are going to have to get better at organizing the most valuable educational API resource, and making them accessible to users. It makes me happy to see API Codex emerge, augmenting what ProgrammableWeb has been doing for the last 9 years, and API Evangelist has been doing for the last 4 year, delivering the valuable curation of essential API industry content.

If you need an introduction to APIs or need to find the best technical articles on APIs, visit API Codex.

Disclosure: API Codex is operated by 3Scale, an API Evangelist partner.