Moving Beyond My Basic 3Scale API Infrastructure Plan

I have been using 3Scale API Infrastructure to manage API Evangelis's public APIs for almost two years now. My APIs provide access to my blog posts, news I curate, and the tools I track on. I also use the same infrastructure to secure and manage various projects I work on. You can view a list of my APi deployments on my API account management home page.

In reality I haven't been all that serious about the management of my APIs until now. I have enough content I’d like to make available via APIs, and I have a growing number of new APIs, some of which I'd like to make available for a fee, and see if I can’t generate some new revenue streams off my research.

Until now I've been on the 3Scale base plan, which is free and allows for 150,000 API transactions a day, and all the API management tools I needed to get going. This has been plenty for me to get my APIs established, but now I’d like to be able to generate more API transactions, as well as be able to bill for API usage if I choose.

With this in mind I've finally upgraded beyond the basic 3Scale plan to the plus plan, which at $125.00 / month gives me up to 250,000 calls a day, and the ability to charge for access to select APIs, opening up the possiblity to generate revenue on some of my content and programmatic resources.

The ability to sign up, deploy and management my APIs until I found my way, has been essential to me getting to this point. I would not have been able to play with different configurations of access to my APIs, without 3Scale. This ability to on-board into the world of APIs, experiment and iterate, before having to pay a monthly fee is essential to many companies figuring out what this whole API thing is about.

I’m pretty excited about taking some of my API ideas to the next level, and play with different ways to access my API driven resources, while being able to tell the story publicly, as I do with all of my API research.

Disclosure: 3Scale is an API Evangelist partner, but I pay for my own 3Scale account just like any other customer.